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Windows Shutdown Assistant 3.1

Shut down your computer at the set time automatically
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Windows Shutdown Assistant is a great system tool that enables you to automatically execute multiple actions on you computer. The program allows you to shutdown, restart, log off, hibernate or lock your computer at a specified time. Every action can be scheduled to execute after an amount of time, at a specific date and time or every day at a specific time. Also you can set an action to be repeated after a specified amount of time.
Even more, the application provides useful actions that can be scheduled. You can schedule to run a file/program, start a screensaver or display a message. The 'display a message' action enables you to write your own message and act as a reminder. You can set a color or an image as a background. Custom font color and size of the message also can be set.
Moreover, you can set a countdown in seconds to warn you about the action that will be performed. The countdown is available for major actions (shutdown,restart,log off, lock and hibernate) to prevent data loss (unsaved work) or cancel the action.
Uncommonly, the application is provided with a notepad which can be useful to write quick notes. The notes can't be scheduled to appear on the screen and act as a reminder.

In conclusion, this is a useful tool that enables you to add multiple tasks, schedule to run a program and take quick notes.

Dennis Niels
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  • Schedule to run a file or a program
  • Provides a notepad to take quick notes
  • Add multiple actions


  • The notes can't be scheduled to appear on the screen
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